In the age of digital cameras, most of us don’t think much about protecting our photos. After all, digital images last forever. But many of us still have a shoebox of old paper photos sitting in a closet somewhere and, unlike photos on a hard drive, these images are deteriorating. Over time, they can be lost forever.

That’s where I can help. My name is John and I’ve been working on digital photos since I purchased my first scanner in 1995. After years of touching up photos for family and friends, I went into business. I use the latest and best tools: An Epson 10000XL scanner, Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet and the latest version of Photoshop (CS5).

I specialize in images that need, well…serious help. Here’s the sort of thing I’m often hired to do:

  • Re-touch a recent school photo
  • Repair torn or water damaged photos
  • Restore very old images that have faded away
  • Re-colorize a picture damaged by the sun
  • Create a montage out of multiple photos

Have a look at some of the before and after examples in my portfolio, then call me for an estimate on your job, (714) 390-0447. I work out of my home here in southern California, so my overhead is low and my prices are reasonable.

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